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Statement: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Dr. Ralf Wyrwinski, Division 314, Rural Development; Global Food Security

  • "Combating desertification is an important task in German development cooperation, and that is why Germany has been engaged in supporting the UNCCD from the very beginning. Due to our experiences of the last ten years we are well aware that the implementation process on the ground depends for the most part on knowledge transfer and good governance. It is against this background that scientific networks like DesertNet Germany or the recently founded European based global network on desertfication (European DesertNet, E-DN) are of the utmost importance as knowledge management institutions for a better implementation of the Convention."

Statement: Ministry of Environment, Coordinator of Spain's Focal Point Office for UNCCD. Leopoldo Rojo Serrano

  • "Combating desertification is a key element of Spain’s environmental policy. Our government has supported the UNCCD from the very beginning, and I would like to point out that the existence of Annex IV of the UNCCD for the Northern Mediterranean Countries is one of the results of our commitment. The implementation process of the UNCCD on the ground depends critically of knowledge transfer and good governance. So that the scientific network DesertNet (European DesertNet, E-DN) is of fundamental importance for a better implementation of the Convention."

Statement: Excerpts from the Welcome Address of the executive secretary of the UNCCD, Mr Hama Arba Diallo at the foundational meeting of European DesertNet, held on 16.-17.10.2006 at the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany.

  • The executive secretary of the UNCCD, Mr Hama Arba Diallo, underscores that the UNCCD Secretariat has been involved in the formation of the network from the beginning and is convinced that, quotation, "it is an important association engaged in bringing together institutions and people that are interested in the issues of desertification" . The executive secretary also points out that this network will, quotation, "assist in addressing the problems resulting from desertification and land degradation from a scientific perspective" and pointed out that European DesertNet is a " unique opportunity to further develop synergies" and this network could become a major step toward more integrative approaches of desertification. Mr Diallo also stresses that the strategies to combat desertification will be most successful if they are based on sound systematic observation and rigorous scientific knowledge and expresses his hopes that European DesertNet will help to widen the bridge between research and action on the ground and thus enable economic and social development in affected areas.

Statement: Sen. Prof. Bruno Dettori, Italian Ministry of the Environment, Under-Secretary of State for Desertification (25.05.2007)

  • Italian Government attaches great importance to the fight against desertification and has supported the implementation of UNCCD since its early stages with a relevant commitment to favor sustainable development not only in Italy but also in the most affected developing Countries through its cooperation programs. The support of the scientific community is essential and we are aware that much has still to be done to transfer the wealth of knowledge acquired to non experts and at all levels, particularly the ground level, where combating desertification actually takes place. In this framework, the active support of the recently established European DesertNet network is extremely important both to fill this gap and to foster the implementation of the Convention, but also to identify and address relevant urgent issues requiring global attention.