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Working Group: Science-Policy Interface (2007-2010)

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 Akhtar-Schuster, Dr. Mariam - Germany
 Begni, Gérard - France (leader of working group)
 Bielek, Prof. Dr. Pavol - Slovak Republic
 de Vanssay, Arnaud - Madagascar
 Enne, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe - Italy
 Eyletters, Dr. Murielle - Belgium
 Feindt, Dr. Peter - Germany
 Feoli, Enrico - Italy
 Grainger, Dr. Alan - United Kingdom
 László, Dr. Márton - Hungary
 Lucke, Dr. Bernhard - Germany
 Luise, Anna - Italy
 Magzieva, Dr. Kamila - Kazakhstan
 Martius, Dr. Christopher - Brazil
 Parsons, Prof. Anthony - United Kingdom
 Quaranta, Prof. Dr. Giovanni - Italy
 Reed, Dr. Mark - United Kingdom
 Rubio, Dr. José L. - Spain
 San Juan Mesonada, Prof. Dr. Carlos  - Spain
 Senouci, Dr. Mohamed - Algeria
 Stringer, Dr. Lindsay C. - United Kingdom
 Trache, Dr. M Abdelhak - Morocco

The following member(s) of the working group are not in the total memberlist:

Bogliotti, Claudio

  • Report on the Side Event of European DesertNet and Oasis at the COP8 (3-14 September 2007, Madrid, Spain)