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Working Group: Training and Capacity Building (2007-2010)

Search result: 13 Members found
 Begni, Gérard - France
 Bielders, Charles - Belgium
 Böhner, Prof. Dr. Jürgen - Germany
 Culmsee, Dr. Heike - Germany
 Enne, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe - Italy
 Feoli, Enrico - Italy
 Grego, Prof. Dr. Stefano - Italy (leader of working group)
 Hill, Prof. Dr. Joachim - Germany
 Jürgens, Prof. Dr. Norbert - Germany
 Quaranta, Prof. Dr. Giovanni - Italy
 Sciortino, Dr. Maurizio - Italy
 Siegmund, Prof. Dr. Alexander - Germany
 Zdruli, Dr. Pandi - Albania

The following member(s) of the working group are not in the total memberlist:

Gabriels, Donald
de Vanssay, Arnaud